Imagine Banking $10,000 a month ...
EVERY Business Owner Wants and Needs

WSO of the DAY

A Service That You Can Be PROUD and

Dear Fellow Local Marketers,

If This Is YOU

I invite you to set your doubts aside and see why I believe that we have found the ONE service that you have been waiting for!

A service that...

  • #1: EVERY Business Wants and Needs...
  • #2: Is Easy to Sell Because It Gets Real Results and Delivers a HIGH ROI
  • #3: Generates High Margin, Recurring Revenue for Your Client and for YOU!

You May Have Guessed ...
I'm Talking About Google AdWords!

Why Is Google AdWords So Powerful?

  • It's simply the most effective way for any business to attract the attention of potential customers who are already actively looking for their services!

If you have been searching for an easier, more effective way to get appointments with local business owners, then you will love the solutions we have created for you.

You Never Have To Worry About Finding
New Clients Who Want Your Services

As You Watch This... Local Business Owners are Eager To Know About
This Very Solution! That's because:

In Hurry

  • #1: They are failing to generate new customers.
  • #2: They are failing to connect with their existing customers.
  • #3: They are failing to keep up with their competition.
  • #4: They know they need an online presence now more than ever before.

Local business owners also know they need help
because they simply don't have the time or know how to:

In Hurry

  • #1: Create their own website.
  • #2: Improve their SEO.
  • #3: Make sure they have a truly mobile site .
  • #4: Manage their citations.
  • #5: Track and manage their reputation
  • #6: Update their Google+, Facebook & Twitter Accounts and...
  • #7: Run their AdWords Account

Why Businesses Need Google AdWords


  • #1: Business Owners get results the moment you turn on the Google AdWords campaign.
  • #2: There are a LOT more prospects searching for their service than they can handle.
  • #3: Millions of searches per day on Google.
  • #4: Google Adwords works faster and better than SEO.
  • #5: When you are selling SEO services - no one - including you - knows how long it takes - or what the results will be.

Why waste your time and energy trying to sell SEO services when you can deliver better results and make more money faster with Google AdWords services? Google AdWords delivers immeditate results every time.

Google AdWords is Simply The Best Long Term Service You Can Offer


  • #1: In July 2015 Google's share of the U.S. search market was 75.2%.
  • #2: AdWords is a core business for Google. In 2014, AdWords revenue accounted for 68% of Google's income.
  • #3: Google AdWords is not going away.
  • #4: AdWords Is Scalable. You can increase the PPC budget and the leads will increase accordingly. This makes AdWords highly effective for businesses that need a lot of leads.
  • #5: AdWords Is Easier than SEO. Once campaign is setup and running it requires much less effort to deliver leads than with SEO efforts.
  • #6: AdWords Is Taking Over the SERPs. Over time the SERP has changed so that more and more above-the-fold real estate is given to ads rather than organic results.

Before I Reveal All The Details

You might be wondering:
"Jack, who the heck are you and why should I listen to you?"

That's a very fair question. Here's what you need to know...

I have built my business with Google AdWords.
I have turned $2,000,000 in ad spend into $10,000,000 revenue.
That's a 500% ROI for my clients!

$$$ AdWords

I started my offline marketing business back in 2009 when I moved here from the Netherlands.

Since then, I've built up a roster of more than 50 clients that happily pay me month after month after month.

And... in those 6 years, I've successfully managed more than $2,000,000 in Google AdWords lead generation campaigns that have yielded just about $10,000,000 in sales for my clients.

That's an ROI of 500% that I am able to consistently generate for my clients.

That's the resume (CV) of the person who will be teaching you how to make money for you and your client with AdWords.

I don't say this to brag or boast. I do say it to open your eyes to what is possible with offline marketing - even if you start with little experience and a heavy Dutch accent with so-so English like I did.

If I Can Do It... You Can, Too!

It's Easier Than You'd Imagine to Make $500 - $1,000
Per Client Every Month!


  • When your clients see for themselves how you are delivering real results and helping them make more money ... they will happily keep spending more with you to make more for themselves.
  • When they see $1K in ad spend deliver $5k into their bank account... your service becomes a "must have" for them.
  • The next month they'll want to spend $5k to make $25k.

When business owners see REAL RESULTS like these... they will stay with you FOREVER!

The AdWords recurring revenue model is simply the best way to GROW YOUR BUSINESS FAST.

Your Road to Success Starts Today

Get one customer this week at $500 per month.
$500 x 12 months = $6,000 per year
from Only ONE Customer


  • The best part is that after the first month, there's not much work you need to do (just continue to test new ads and improve with small tweaks)...
  • So when your client starts seeing results and reinvesting more with you each month ... you make more money while actually working less!

Why Will Your Clients Stay Long Term?

  • #1: They get results, month after month after month.
  • #2: Google will ensure that AdWords works - because it's a Google's core business and main source of income.
  • #3: Your clients will always need to keep getting more clients... now and in the future.

Who Are Your Ideal Prospects for
Google AdWords Services?


Look for Businesses With:

  • #1: High Customer Value.
  • #2: High Search Volume.
  • #3: Repeat Purchases.

Most small business owners have NO CLUE how to implement Google AdWords for their business (or, they've already wasted a lot of money trying to create their own campaigns)
which makes it...

The Perfect Opportunity for YOU!

Why Most Google AdWords Campaigns Fail?


  • #1: Bidding on wrong keywords.
  • #2: Horrible Ads with Low Click through Rates.
  • #3: Not using negative keywords.
  • #4: Awful website.
  • #5: Don't use Google Special options.

So Why Aren't You Offering Google AdWords Yet?


The most common reasons I hear are...

  • #1: "I don't completely understand Google AdWords myself"
  • #2: "I have a hard time explaining Google Adwords effectively to my clients so they get it"
  • #3: "I don't know how to setup and use Google AdWords"
  • #4: "I don't know how to create profitable Google AdWords Campaigns"
  • $5: "I'm affraid screwing up - and losing my client's money with a bad campaign - and then losing the client."

These are all fair reasons...Google AdWords can be confusing.

Managing Google AdWords campaigns can be complicated
and costly if you don't know what you are doing.

That's why I'm so excited to announce the launch of:

Local AdWords Academy

Local AdWords Academy is a compete 10 week course - that provides a blueprint that spells out exactly how to setup and run a successful Proven Google AdWords campaign. You'll be given everything you need to succeed and make more money than you ever dreamed possible!

I'm Going To Let You In On A BIG Secret...

My favorite Niche is: Auto Repair Shops


  • #1: They make between $100 and $1000 per customer invoice.
  • #2: The average customer comes back at least twice a year.
  • #3: There are many small and midsized Auto Repair Shops in every country.
  • #4: There are more than 207,000 auto repair locations alone in USA and the demand is growing by about 2,000 each year .
  • #5: The Auto Mechanics industry has a very low level of concentration.
  • #6: Auto mechanics industry revenue will reach $54.7 billion by 2017 in the USA alone.

Your $100,000+ A Year Game plan


Get 4 new clients per month

  • Recurring profit to you is $500 a month.
  • Month 1 = 4 clients = $ 2,000 a month
  • Month 2 = 8 clients = $4,000 a month
  • Month 3 = 12 clients = $6,000 a month
  • Month 4 = 16 clients = $8,000 a month
  • Month 5 = 20 clients = $10,000 a month

In less than 6 months, you will be making $10,000 a month. That is $120,000 a year, working from home with less than 20 hours worth of work per month.

Local AdWords Academy... Your Road To Success

Don't Take My Word For It

  • Confession time.. I spend thousands of dollars a year trying to make my life easier and my business more efficient. I can truly say that I get more value from Jack's products than any others and no question who has the best service. Thanks Jack for actually doing what all the others promise.

    - Tim Parker

  • Jack, Your 4 simple questions are genius. I am managing AdWords for a client right now.

    - Jan Basnar

  • Hey Jack Hopman, I was on the phone selling websites and videos today after listening to the webinar replay. I used your questions from the webinar when i got a business owner on the phone. 1 HOT lead today Thanks...

    - Philip Higginson

  • Thanks for the very comprehensive replies Jack! You are one of the rare people who read an email fully and address all potential questions - it's a dying art!

    - Malcolm Ansell

  • Hi Jack. Just wanted to say thank you for giving the option of three payments and for accommodating your International students with the 2pm Webinar on Sundays. Much appreciated. I have been looking forward to this training ever since you mentioned a long while back that you would be bringing out Adwords training. Thanks again for all the training you give us, you are really one of a kind! Best regards John

    - John

  • I'd like to say "What an awesome system" I'll never be able to thank you enough. Thanks Jack,

    - Gregory Moten

  • Hi Jack, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I found this product by accident and I am so glad I did. It is exactly what I was hoping to find and I know exactly how I'm going to go about using it. Thank you so much! Have a great day.

    - Teri

  • Hello Jack, I want to thank you for the great support webinars you have produced for what is such a great product offering. I can see your themes as being one of the most useful IM products I have purchased. It is appreciated more than you might imagine. Thank you for going the extra mile and for being so helpful and patient.

    - Terry Rowley

  • Hi Jack, Your training is absolutely brilliant giving us so much useful information, much better than the usual "guru". Thanks again,

    - Malcolm

  • This is the most complete business system I've seen ever and I've been online for over 15 years. So Thanks Jack Hopman, you are one amazing human being, you are very much appreciated

    - Carmel Baird

  • Hello Jack, You are one of a kind and I want you to know that I appreciate you! You are so cool in your attitude, as well as in giving your time and energy in the training. Thanks a bunch! Best Regards,

    - Victoria

  • Hi Jack, I wanted to first say I really appreciate your responses to all my questions. I don't think I have ever received support like that, so thank you very much. Thanks.

    - Teo Henry

  • Hi Jack, Thank you so much for all that you do. The training and dedication you put into helping us succeed will never be forgotten. I totally believe in what you are doing and follow all of your advice. Thank you again my dear friend, I look forward to your next training.

    - Jimmy Bryant

Despite My Successes... Things Were Not Easy,
Especially When I First Started Out

Does Any of This Ring a Bell?


  • I would scour the yellow pages and other business listing sites until I had a huge list of prospects to contact - yet 99% of them never wanted to hear what I had to say.
  • The 1% of prospects that I was able to get in touch with and at least have a conversation with rarely panned out - and they never seemed to "get" why they needed my help and expertise
  • I constantly found myself trying the latest and greatest "gimmick" methods of landing clients that simply did not work

I could go on and on - but I'm not here to waste your time and I'm pretty sure you get the point.

It Wasn't Long Before Frustration Set In

It wasn't long before frustration set in and it seemed that I was destined to stay stuck with a lot of effort and next to nothing to show for it.


  • Fortunately though, if there is one thing that I am - it's determined - and in this case, I was determined not to fail.
  • So, I decided to take a long hard look at what I was doing - and I knew that there had to be an easier way.
  • After a thorough, in-depth analysis of my prospecting strategy, it became increasingly obvious that I was making one critical mistake (and yes - this is the same mistake that almost every offline marketer makes).

Here it is:

Not All Prospects Are Created Equally
And I Was Choosing Quantity Over Quality

Here's what I mean:

best prospect

  • I spent hours and hours compiling massive lists of prospects to contact and try and sell my services to.
  • What I didn't realize was that there are business owners who "get it" and there are business owners who don't.
  • More specifically, I was attempting to sell my services to business owners that were not actively spending money on advertising.
  • As you might imagine, it's infinitely harder to convince a business owner that isn't advertising their business to start doing so - and since that's EXACTLY what I was trying to do - it's no wonder why I was having such difficulty in landing clients.

The Tiny Tweak That Changed Everything


  • After finally realizing that I was doing nothing but wasting my time chasing after the wrong prospective clients... the obvious solution hit me square in the face like a ton of bricks:
  • I had to focus my prospecting efforts on just those businesses that were actively spending money on advertising - and fast.
  • At first, I thought I would be able to do this manually, just as I did in the past - but that quickly became a painstaking challenge that would not be sustainable for long.
  • So - I set out to create a software solution that would provide me with the exact leads that I was looking for, on demand.
  • And after over 9 months of development - Biz Lead Finder - AdWords Edition - was born.

Imagine What It Would Do For Your Business If...


  • You could instantly identify businesses that are actively spending money on online advertising in ANY niche and city that you desire.
  • Save countless hours of time and avoid frustration by only selling to prospects that understand the importance of what you can do for their business, and will happily listen to what you have to say.
  • Leverage the EXACT stress free client getting sales process that has landed me more than 50 satisfied clients that happily pay me month after month for my services.

Local AdWords Academy - Client Finder:


Press Play To See It In Action

  • Biz Lead Finder AdWords Edition is the premier software solution for offline marketers that are serious about landing clients and growing their business.
  • With the power of Biz Lead Finder AdWords Edition, you are able to instantly generate a flood of leads that are actively spending money on advertising - And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
  • I've designed Biz Lead Finder AdWords Edition with the sole intent of making your prospecting and client acquisition process infinitely easier and more effective than ever before.

Local AdWords Academy - Client Finder


Biz Lead Finder

  • #1: Get tons of High Paying leads for many businesses
  • #2: Discover who is advertising on Google AdWords (huge!)
  • #3: Get the business name, website (URL if any), e-mail, physical address, phone, etc.
  • #4: Shows if they have a mobile-friendly site
  • #5: Shows if the website ranks well
  • #6: Shows what the business reputation is
  • #7: Finds their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn page
  • #8: Unique, No-Proxies-Needed Search Algorithm.
  • #9: One Click Download Proven, response generating email templates
  • #10: There Is Nothing Better Than Monthly Incoming Payments Right Into Your Paypal Account
  • #11: And Many More Features.....

And This Premium Business Service
Is In High Demand

In 2012: 1,200,000,000,000 Google Searches and millions of local businesses (including mine)
depend on those services.


With AdWords Management - Services You'll Have Everything You Need to Start Making Big Money Fast

  • You get the Client's credit card # for Google for Ad Spend.
  • You Charge 15% of their Ad Spend with a minimum fee of $197 per month.
  • $2000 * 15% = $300 / month
  • $5000 * 15% = $750 / month
  • PS: Reach Local charges 50% of ad spend

Just 20 Clients Could Mean 6 Figures A Year!

  • At $500 Per Month Per Client:
  • 20 clients = $10,000 Per Month ($120,000 Per Year)

Here's What You Get in the Local AdWords Academy:

Even if you have no experience at all
and you only copy and paste what we provide
you will be on your way to success from day one.

check list

  • #1: Local AdWords Academy includes a 10 week boot camp.
  • #2: You can join live at 2 pm and 8 pm est on Sundays for live training.
  • #3: All the replays will be posted within 24 hrs in the special, new Local AdWords Academy membership site.
  • #4: How to setup My Client Center (MCC) and Google AdWords Accounts.
  • #5: Step by Step instructions for how to write high converting Google AdWords ads.
  • #6: What are high converting local keywords and how to find negative keywords.
  • #7: How to set "sitelinks", "target area", "Bidding strategy", "Budget", and more...
  • #8: You will get a special "Auto Repair Shops" website which has never been released -- and optimized for AdWords.


  • #9: You will get the keywords, negative keywords and ads for the "Auto Repair Shops" niche so you can copy and paste it even you don't master all the details yet.
  • 10: How to find motivated, paying customers and keep them as loyal long-term customers for recurring income.
  • 11: How to scale up your business without working 60+ hours each week.
  • 12: How to find ideal prospects so that you don't waste your time with the wrong prospects.
  • 13: How to structure and price your services for easy service delivery that pulls in high margin recurring revenue month after month!
  • 14: How to manage and optimize an active running campaign
  • 15: And so much more...

The Only Question Now Is...
How Much Is This Going To Cost?

A training with software of this power and magnitude
doesn't come around often - and when it does -
You can expect to pay $997 or more.


  • I know of no other AdWords courses available at ANY price - offering this level of detail, content, step by step instructions, and with a ready to go copy and paste campaign - taught by someone who has generted over $10,000,000 in results for this clients - and continue to do se - every month.
  • There are 2 Google AdWords training products available right now that don't have nearly the amount of in depth training and powerful software that comes with Local AdWords Academy...
  • With that, those courses selling for $797 or so via webinars.
  • This 10 week intensive boot camp is worth several times those other courses.
  • In the offline world, people pay $30,000 - $40,000 and more to get the training, know-how and this AdWords business will run circels around most all of those offline franchises. More Money - More Freedom, Smaller investment
  • Just one client landed using this training and software will more than pay for the program, at that price.
  • So, I could charge $4,000 - $5,000 or more - and know I was providing great value for you. And someday, perhaps I will.
  • But, I know most of my members cannot afford this amount - at least not yet! - so I'm making it affordable so you'll be able to take advantage of this incredible oppertunity to have a Google AdWords Agency - a real business - and you'll stay as my clients for a loooong time. That's my plan. And that's why the price is so low.
  • The thing is, I didn't create this for marketers who already have a ton of clients - so I will not be asking $797 for this today.
  • And sure, it's possible that you could figure all of this stuff out on your own and develop your own solutions, just like I did.
  • But do you really want to spend months and years like I did...
  • Not to mention thousands of dollars to tweak and test things to perfection?
  • Even if you did... there's no guarantee that you'd figure it out and master it - down to a science - like I have for you, with Local AdWords Academy.

So, ask yourself:

How Amazing It Would Be For You
To Finally Start Building a
Sustainable Base of Monthly Paying Clients?

What would that do for your business?

I am happy

  • Given the sensitive nature of this program, this program will no doubt sell for at least $797 when released to the general public.
  • And that's a bargain. Again - Just one client landed will more than recoup that investment
  • Guess what? You won't be paying that today.
  • Because I want you to get started and hit the ground running with landing all the clients you can handle... you can pick this up today for the ridiculously low price.

This is a Limited Time Launch Special...

Local AdWords Academy
$297, then $59 / mo, Including:
#1: Biz Lead Finder - AdWords Edition
#2: Local Theme Jack - Enterprise, access to 180+ local niches

  • By now, you probably realize that Local AdWords Academy is an incredibly valuable, "must have" training and tools for anyone working with Local Businesses.
  • I would have given anything to have had something like this available when I was growing my Offline Business.
  • Do not delay any longer. Seize this opportunity before it is too late. With this investment in your business, you will instantly have the power to land new local business clients.
  • Give yourself the best chance to succeed - TODAY!

You Also Get...

3 Awesome Free Bonuses

Free Bonus #1: Email Lead Gen Letter - ($97 Value)

  • Want a Quick Way to Reach Out to Local Business Owners?
  • You will also receive professionally written done-for-you email scripts that you can edit however you want and use to contact local business owners.
  • These scripts will help you introduce yourself and offer your Google AdWords Management service as a way to help prospective businesses attract more perfect customers...
Free Bonus #2: Google AdWords Management Service Contract - ($197 Value)
  • Want to seal the agreement with the local Business Owner?
  • This contract is all you need.
Free Bonus #3: Access to Local AdWords Academy Private Facebook Group - ($297)
  • Access to the 24/7 Guidance of the new Private Local AdWords Academy Facebook Group, where you will connect and network with like-minded business owners, plus get answers to your most challenging business questions. You will be able to exchange ideas with other members, receive tips and important notifications.

with Our Amazing
30 day Money Back Guarantee

  • Local AdWords Academy including the 10 Bootcamp training enables you to become Professional Local Consultant.
  • If you come to the conclusion that, HONESTLY nothing from this offer has helped in any way, you can take advantage of our "30-day Money Back Guarantee" and simply ask for a refund within 30 days.
  • We are willing to take all the risk because we are confident that if you use Local AdWords Academy you will get great results!
  • Note: For refund, we will require a valid reason along with the proof that you tried our system but it didn't work for you!
  • We are willing to take all the risk because we are confident that if you use Local AdWords Academy you will get great results!

Get Started Today Before This Deal Is Gone

Local AdWords Academy
$297, then $59 / mo, Including:
#1: Biz Lead Finder - AdWords Edition
#2: Local Theme Jack - Enterprise, access to 180+ local niches

I look forward to seeing you on the inside... I know you are going to love this.


Verified Checkout and Ordering

Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Exclusive Launch Pricing